Meet BravoBase

BravoBase delivers the most versatile, robust, scalable and affordable “CRM” built exclusively for performing arts organizations.

Developed for a large theatre company over a decade ago, today BravoBase is loved by over 200 theatre, music, film, and dance organizations like yours worldwide.

When you use our software, you'll be supported by an enthusiastic team of over 20 passionate, creative, and fun-loving of performing arts professionals like you.

Using our PRM platform, you'll be able to easily discover, engage, cultivate and delight your patrons like never before. It feels like magic!

BravoBase: Your Ticket to Arts Sustainability.


Rave Reviews

Here is a small sample of what other performing arts leaders like you have to say about BravoBase:

“We looked at Tessitura, Databox, Blackbaud and a few others. Cost was a major consideration, and BravoBase was able to offer us a lot more for our budget. The BravoBase team was acutely aware of our requirements and they developed their existing solution to cater for our specific needs.”
Becky Caffrey
Becky Caffrey
Visitor Services Manager at QUAD
"We wouldn’t be without BravoBase now. It has enabled us to greatly improve how we manage our theatre. We are doing a lot better than a lot of theatres in WA, so we must be doing something right."
Nigel Rarp
IT Support at Limelight Theatre
“Having evaluated epos, retail and catering systems for venues, I was well aware of the potential wrinkles that make such solutions challenging. BravoBase has, as ever, done things differently and gone the extra mile!”
Roger Tomlinson
The Ticketing Institute

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