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Performing Arts CRM

Nurture your audience with a Customer Relationship Management database that captures attendance and engagement. Builds a 360 degree view of your patrons.

Centralized & Comprehensive patron records

Centralizes all patron purchase, communication, history and contact information in one place. Provides one source of information for your team.

Identify & Understand The Relationships Between Patrons

Leverage these relationships to personalize customer service and improve marketing to companies and family groups.

Build Your Audience through Deep & Personal Connections

Understanding your patrons relationships, preferences, history & needs allows you to easily progress them along the patron journey

Robust & Flexible CRM Database Tools

Out of 699 features measured by The Ticketing Institute's Functionality Builder, BravoBase meets 91 percent!

And with our custom development services, we can build anything in the other 9% you require.

Dollar for Dollar, BravoBase is the best value in the industry.


CRM Features You'll Love!

One central contacts Details database
Comprehensive, secure record-keeping
Captures patrons’ sales and communication history
A single view of all customer interactions
Build a picture for personalised service
Add Customizable Patron Record Fields & Attributes
Integrated with all PatronBase modules
Understand relationships between patrons
Links memberships, seasons packages and donations
Full reporting available for tracking and analysis
"We looked at Tessitura, Databox, Blackbaud and a few others. Cost was a major consideration and Bravo! Base was able to offer us a lot more for our budget. The BravoBase team was acutely aware of our requirements. They developed their existing solution to cater for our specific needs and tie in closely with our day to day operations.”
Becky Caffrey
Visitor Services Manager, QUAD


CRM Database Feature Presentations

Want to learn more? Take a deeper look at some of our most beloved features and benefits below...

Build & Leverage Comprehensive Patron records

The PatronBase Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offers a powerful tool to manage your relationships with your audience, from a birds-eye view to the granular: from an audience group to an individual patron.

Each individual record contains all the detail you need to manage your relationship including date of birth, gender, partner details, contact details and relationships between contacts.

Custom fields can be added to build on the picture.

Record relationships between Your patrons

Understanding relationships between your patrons are crucial - employees and their employer companies, parents and children, spouses and partners.

The PatronBase CRM includes comprehensive functionality to record and view these relationships, aiding your marketing to companies and family groups.

See the BIG Picture from 360 Degrees

Allows you to easily view patrons’ buying behavior and patterns making it easier for future marketing efforts.

Contact & Marketing history is fully integrated with other modules within the system through the patron record.

View contact history from Box Office, Fundraising, Marketing, Membership & other modules.

Run advanced patron quarries from the Marketing module to target the right audience at the right time.

Get a 360 degree view of your patron relationships, helping you to understand your patrons buying habits.

Patron Data Clean-Up Made Easy!

After merging multiple data sources from different systems & patron's creating multiple accounts, most arts databases are cluttered with duplicate patrons that are difficult and time consuming to clean up.

Enter BravoBase's powerful duplicate finder record tool that helps you eliminate duplicates with ease! It's your new patron data super hero....

Simply search for duplicate patron records by name, email, phone numbers, address, and many more. Once found, you can easily combine the duplicates and move all historic data into one record.

Presto! No more wasted time & money sending multiple mailings to the same patrons. And no more angry patrons asking why they got multiple copies of the same marketing mailing, email, text or phone call.

Enables Multi-Department Collaboration & Insights

While for profit businesses typically has one main revenue source that they need to drive to keep the lights on, your nonprofit has multifaceted revenue across several departments and team: ticket sales, educational offerings, donations & sponsorships, merchandise & concessions, facility & space rentals (if you have your own venue), memberships & more.

However too many arts organizations have different software solutions for each department fragmenting their valuable patron data into separate silos. This prevents easy cross-team collaboration and limits your understanding of your patrons.

BravoBase CRM eliminates these issues by empowering all your revenue generating departments with a single platform for all sales and patron information. This allows for easy collaboration between your teams and empowers everyone with a 360 degree view of each patron.

Build Loyalty with Consistent & Tailored Engagement with Your Patrons

It can be up to 25 more costly to generate new audience than it is to engage your current patrons to attend another events, repeat their donation, renew their subscriptions & memberships.

Therefore regular engagement with your current patrons to maintain these key relationships must be every arts organizations first priority.

BravoBase empowers your team to implement a patron development ladder for your patron's lifelong journey with your organization from first time attendee/donor to repeat buyer to loyal subscribers & members -- and even volunteers.

These patron journey milestones can be updated by any team member and used to market tailored messages to each patron segment to progress them along the ladder to higher levels of patronage.

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