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Robust & Flexible Ticketing

Out of 699 features measured by The Ticketing Institute's Functionality Builder, BravoBase meets 91 percent!

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Dollar for Dollar, BravoBase is the best value in the industry.


Ticketing Features You'll Love!

Unified Shopping Cart

Sell anything, anywhere, all in one order. Tickets, Donations, Products Memberships, Gift Certs & more!

General & Reserved Seating

Includes general by section & combo seating. Use curves in your venues online so it matches your layout.

Unlimited Venues

Build as many venues and seating configurations as you needed. Or have us do it for you.

Pick Your Seats

Allow patrons to pick their own seats online or you choose for them in the box office. Or disable seat picking.

Best Available Seating

Offer seats to patrons based on the seat ranking you define on your seating plans.

Add On Donation

Add a donation to any purchase. Includes a popup option with suggested gift amounts.

Multiple Sales Channels

One inventory across online, mobile, social, box office, outlets, agency, call center, and promoter channels.

Unlimited Discounts

Create as many promo codes, ticket types, and time based pricing options as you like.

Multiple Delivery Options

Choose from print at home, will call, mail, and mobile delivery options and vary

Orphan Seating Protection

Prevent patrons from leaving single unsold seats between themselves and the next patron.

Unlimited Holds

Complete flexibility to set as many different types of holds as you require.

Subscriptions & Passes

Offer day of week, built your own and flex pass subscription options to your loyal patrons.

Custom Ticket Designs

Create as many designs as you like with our visual editor and vary them by event if you like!

Versitile Ticket Printing

Print on standard printer, thermal printers or go ticketless with digital our check-in screen.

Barcode Scanning

Scan regular barcodes and QR codes on your computer or mobile device. Free scanning app available.

Matches Your Brand

The software matches your website. Choose to embed in your website or link to branded purchase pages,

Mobile Ready

Online ticketing automatically resizes to mobile devices for optimal buying experience.

Gift Certificates & Vouchers

Offer gift certificates & vouchers that can be redeemed online or through the box office.

"We looked at Tessitura, Databox, Blackbaud and a few others. Cost was a major consideration and Bravo! Base was able to offer us a lot more for our budget. The BravoBase team was acutely aware of our requirements. They developed their existing solution to cater for our specific needs and tie in closely with our day to day operations.”
Becky Caffrey
Visitor Services Manager, QUAD


Ticketing Feature Presentations

Want to learn more? Take a deeper look at some of our most beloved features and benefits below...

User friendly, intuitive & easy to use ticketing

Designed for flexibility and ease of use with a range of time-saving functions to help you work smarter not harder.

Using default venue seating plans and pricing templates, you can quickly and intuitively build productions and seasons.

Selling tickets is optimized with efficient seat booking, patron lookup, application of fees and payment. For venues with high numbers of walk ups, our quick sale workflows keep your walkup line moving!

Season tickets also bring a range of options for optimizing workflow such as the ability to select the same seat for all performances by using a combined seating chart across all subscription events for each venue.our Heading Text Here

Your Sales Channels United!

Ticketing is fully integrated with all sales channels including online, mobile, social, retail, promoter and agency ticket sales.

All tickets sales come from the same inventory giving real time availability across all sales channels. The system can be configured to make some sections available online and restrict others to the Box Office, or vice versa, with optional time based releases (e.g. 1 week before the performance date).

Agency users benefit from fully integrated sales. Restricted logins available for your agency or promoter sales channel grants real time access to reserve and sell tickets, but protects the more sensitive functionality and data from these users.

Promoters can also benefit from tailored reporting delivered automatically by email, helping them keep updated on the progress of a show's sales.

Flexible Ticket Delivery Options for Your Patrons

BravoBase provides you and your patrons the choice you need for ticket delivery including eticket, mobile (Apple Passbook), will call or mail.

For printed tickets, BravoBase supports the full range of ticket and receipt printers including those from Boca Systems and Stimare as well as economy options like Star Receipt prints or Dymo Label printers.

Etickets and printed tickets designs are customizable. You may choose to charge optional fees to cover your postage and mail delivery costs for mail orders.

Integration with apps such as Apple Passbook can give your users a safer way to keep track of their e-Tickets, or why not discuss with us the development of a mobile app for your venue, giving a one-stop location for all your patrons' etickets, vouchers and more.

Flexible ticket pricing and discounts

Using BravoBase's flexible pricing model, you can define a range of prices for a production - by seat type, ticket type or both, prices for presale periods or an unlimited number of other sale periods, discounts for differing levels of membership or friend schemes, and much more.

You can also define fees and discounts, which may be optional or required at the Box Office, and will be applied online as required, including season fees and discounts.

You can also link products to productions, allowing revenue for add-on products to be tracked with the production revenue.

Automatic price changes can be used to change all ticket prices on a certain date and time to account for pre -sales perios, advanced sales, regular and day of show as need.

General Admission, Reserved or Combo Seating

The seating for a venue can be defined as General Admission for the whole venue or an individual area of the venue.

In addition, this can be overridden at the production or performance level, making a venue usually sold as reserved seating general availability for a single performance or production. Where reserved seating is used, patrons may choose between selecting their own seat or the system assigning the best available seats, using a configurable algorithm which may be "tuned" for your individual venue.

You may also choose to restrict sales, deciding whether to allow seat selection or force best available within a chosen section of the venue, or restrict the maximum or minimum number of seats a patron may purchase for a given production or performance.

Unlimited venues and seating plans

Create an unlimited number of venues, and an unlimited number of seating plans for each venue.

This gives you the flexibility to produce events at your own venues or a range of outreach venues, and to create as many seating plans as you need for differing show and event types.

BravoBase includes our Customer Facing Display module, giving you a screen for the customer to view the seats you're offering them at the box office on the plan for that event.

Seating charts can include curved seating online so patrons can see an accurate representation of how the venue is actually layed out.

Unified Shopping Cart - Sell Anything!

Your BravoBase Box Office, QuickPOS and eCommerce modules include functionality for a range of sales in addition to tickets, including fees, discounts, products, memberships, vouchers, donations and more.

Products may be ordered both at the Box Office or retail locations, with the stock updated in the Inventory module (if in use at your venue). This includes full functionality for shipping / postage fees based on the size of the product and location to which it is being dispatched

Memberships may be purchased, either for the patron themselves or as a gift, with the recipient recorded. The patron may select between a range of membership and friend schemes, and a range of time periods, as defined by you.

Finally, there are a wide range of opportunities to receive donations from patrons, both in box office and online. This may take the form of an optional "fee" towards the upkeep of your buildings, a donation towards a specific campaign or a general donation towards your work. All donations are fully integrated with the Fundraising module (if in use at your venue).

Patron Data Clean-Up Made Easy!

After merging multiple data sources from different systems & patron's creating multiple accounts, most arts databases are cluttered with duplicate patrons that are difficult and time consuming to clean up.

Enter BravoBase's powerful duplicate finder record tool that helps you eliminate duplicates with ease! It's your new patron data super hero....

Simply search for duplicate patron records by name, email, phone numbers, address, and many more. Once found, you can easily combine the duplicates and move all historic data into one record.

Presto! No more wasted time & money sending multiple mailings to the same patrons.

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